How to get financement?


    Financial balances audited or presented to the Superintendency of the last three years

    • Financial statements of the previous month
    • Certificate of lien free assets
    • Detail of short and long-term bank debts with their respective amortization tables
    • Detail of business lines and revenue per line
    • Description of the main activities of the company, its competition and its participation in the market

    Financing processes last between 12 and 16 weeks, depending on the type of instrument, and whether or not a risk rating is required.

  • assessment

    The valuation of a company is a model to calculate a range of values ​​among which is the price of the company.


    1. Accounting models: These in turn are subdivided into two: models based on the balance sheet and those based on multiples
    2. Models of future profitability. These are subdivided into three: market value, discounted cash flows and real options.

    Why evaluate a company?

    • Know the situation of heritage
    • Verify the management carried out by managers
    • Establish dividend policies
    • Study debt capacity
    • Capital restructuring
    • Inheritance, succession, etc.

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