Corporate Finance

Advisory for companies and corporations that need to structure their financial management, either knowing their commercial value, restructuring their capital, or administrative-financial managing operation manuals, for certain objectives.

• Company valuation

In the business world there is a very important question whose answer generates all kinds of opinions because it involves a series of internal and external factors, tangible and intangible, economic, social, technological, productive, labor, legal, market and is '' HOW MUCH IS MY COMPANY? '' The commercial value of a business must be determined in any situation, but it becomes indispensable in certain cases such as entry or withdrawal of partners from entities not registered in the stock market. PLUSVALORES is a company with extensive experience in business valuation, for which it applies updated techniques and applied in local and international markets.

• Project feasibility studies

Commercial expansion and competition generated through a globalized market with increasingly demanding applicants, it does necessary to ensure that the allocation of resources or financing are able to satisfy the expectations of all participating partners. In that sense, the reduction of uncertainty in a business opportunity or the satisfaction of a need is achieved by carrying out an adequate Project Evaluation. 

• Financial structuring

It is a process that seeks to optimize costs and risks of the company's capital structure. Likewise, through this service, the optimal composition of the flows of an issue or securitization can be determined, as well as its dispersion and projection under scenarios. 

- Implementation of manuals for shareholding records
- Corporate reorganizations
- Mergers and acquisitions
- Sales and divestitures of companies

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