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investing is putting your money to make a profit

Through Plusvalores Casa de Valores SA, you can invest in the Stock Market, increasing the profitability of your surplus resources (money from your savings, business, extras, etc.) at minimal costs. Plusvalores offers you the advice you need on investments.


Credit Content Securitization

They can be from future flows and portfolio. Its originators are companies in the industrial and commercial sectors, and financial institutions. Long-term papers, with periodic flows and attractive rates of return. Risk rating and information on the securitized asset available to the public.


They are generic values whose structuring does not require a risk rating. These invoices can be negotiated by any legally constituted company that has a RUC with a minimum validity of one year. FCNs can be traded in the stock market if they have been registered in both the Public Stock Market Cadastre and the Stock Exchange and they cannot have a term greater than 360 days from issuance date of the document.

Importance: For the issuer, it is a way of converting accounts receivable into immediate liquidity, through the discount of an invoice. For the Investor, it represents an opportunity to generate an attractive return on a short-term instrument


Fixed rate

Corporate bonds:
Issued by companies in the real and financial sector, with terms greater than one year, excellent rates, a variety of ways to recover capital and high liquidity (marketability). Information on the issuer and risk rating, available to the public.

Commercial paper

Issued by companies in the real and financial sector, with terms of less than one year, and generally with payment of capital at maturity. They have high marketability. Issuer information and risk rating, available to the public.

REB Securities

Papers issued by SMEs with sales between 100 thousand and 5 million dollars and by institutions regulated by the Superintendency of the Economy through the Special Stock Market Registry, registered in the Public Registry of the Stock Market and negotiated through the Stock Exchange, with attractive returns. With optional risk rating. 

Equity shares

Variable rate

Shares of Ecuadorian corporations registered in the Stock Market: Product designed for individuals and legal entities with a long time horizon to invest, willing to obtain returns based on risks measured based on timely and accurate information available on the Stock Exchanges, and with the intention of being active market participants

Participation securitization values ​​(VTP), from projects of various kinds, for example real estate, which offer returns based on the results obtained when the project is in execution. This market is gaining more and more presence and has become one of the most liquid in the Ecuadorian stock market universe



SRI credit notes

Papers without term and fee, used exclusively for paying taxes. They are physical and dematerialized, offered and demanded mainly by companies. They are traded at a discount that represents the financial performance for the buyer.

Repurchase agreement (Repo)

It consists of the negotiation of securities with a repurchase agreement. They are short-term investments backed by a long-term security, such as shares, in which the seller agrees to buy them back within a specified period with a market rate of return for the investor

Government bonds

Long-term papers issued by the state, representative of internal and external debt. In every country, they are references of safe investments. They are bearer, and offer returns based on their term. They generally amortize capital during its term

Treasury bonds (T-bonds)

Treasury bonds (T-bonds) are government debt securities issued by the federal government that have maturities greater than XNUMX years. T-bonds earn periodic interest until maturity, at which point the owner is also paid a par amount equal to the principal.

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