1. Contact a broker

To invest in the stock market it is necessary to contact a broker since in Ecuador they are the only entities authorized to execute investments.

It is important to mention that the companies that list their titles in the stock market are very solid and strictly regulated companies.

At PlusValores we not only help the investor to choose the best investment option. Subsequently, the purchase and sale transaction is carried out efficiently on the stock exchanges.

2. Deliver the required documentation

Once the investor has made his decision, the delivery of the following documents is required:

  1. General forms (Know your client).
  2. Copy of passport.
  3. Copy of the visa or temporary entry permit in the case of non-resident foreigners in Ecuador.
  4. Copy of the electricity, water or telephone bill. (Any kind of certificate that ensures your place of residence).
  5. Last bank or saving account statement. (Any kind of certificate that has the necessary information to be able to make the deposits of the profits obtained in the market of securities of Ecuador).


3. Transfer funds

The next step is transfer funds. Once PlusValores confirms the transfer, they can carry out the transaction in the stock exchange systems.

4. You are already an investor

Once the transaction is closed, the investor receives all the documents that support the transaction.

You need to know that:

It is necessary to know that the security you acquired is dematerialized, this means that you will not have a physical title, but an electronic title, which will be registered in a centralized securities depository.

5. Receive the return

Now, the time to receive your return has come. In the case of fixed income, you will receive interest and dividends in case of shares on the dates established in the contract.

Remember that:

If you want to recover your investment before the deadline, you can sell the securities through a broker.


  1. Ecuador’s financial markets are based on the US dollar, so no currency risk.  The financial markets are safe and regulated.
  2. Even during the COVID crisis the market grew.
  3. You don’t have to live in Ecuador to invest in the country’s financial market.
  4. If you are an expat living in Ecuador, you can use stocks, bonds, and commercial paper (True about commercial paper?) to fulfill the Investor Visa requirements.  These investments alternatives can offer a higher return than a CD and are as safe (or safer) as a bank or saving CD.  Plus,  if you need to leave the country quickly, unlike bank or saving CD’s , there is a ready market to sell your investment.
  5. There a number of outstanding investment alternatives.
  6. It’s easy to invest.  
  7. Plus Valores  with its English-speaking staff can direct you to the best financial  alternatives to match your investment or visa requirement needs.

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